We're becoming Tipperary Volunteer Centre

We are going countywide.

The team at South Tipperary Volunteer Centre is delighted to announce that the Centre is expanding and will shortly become Tipperary Volunteer Centre covering the whole county.

A working group comprised of representatives from South Tipperary Volunteer Centre, Tipperary County Council and North Tipperary LEADER Partnership was established last year and with input from other local stakeholders put together a proposal to expand the Volunteer Centre into North Tipperary. The Centre's core funders recognised the value of having Volunteer Centre coverage in North Tipperary. Expanding the remit of the Volunteer Centre is the outcome we were all hoping for and is as a direct result of the commitment across the county to supporting volunteering in Tipperary.

We will shortly be recruiting for a new position based within the Centre. Stay tuned for updates.

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